At Segment Consulting Management, we believe that it's important for you understand our business just as well as we understand yours. To be a team means understanding each others goals and values so we can maximize our success together.


We believe the heartbeat is a gift; we only have so many, so we honor each one and make them count.  At Segment Consulting Management, we stand for freedom, equality, health, happiness, and the survival of life on this planet.  Every business venture we undertake, we can honestly say makes the world a better place.  We realize that revolutions are challenging and we are filled by a deep knowing, that our purpose is true that we are making a difference.

Importing / Exporting

Importing from global sources, the product supply chain has proven to be challenging but rewarding. Creating an international distribution network was built through development of relevant sales channels and regulatory understanding. All of this culminating in a highly profitable ecommerce strategy.   

Team First

Individually we are strong, together we are unstoppable. We realize the true strength of our team comes from our solidarity. We put the team first in everything we do and we realize our group success equals personal success. We communicate to build positivity, listen deeply, keep our promises, and we speak the truth for ourselves and to others. We never shy away from a fierce conversation. We respect, find, and express our truth directly to each other.

Live to Learn

We realize that life requires balance and growth. We have insatiable curiosity and insatiable appetites to learn. Partners demonstrate courageous self-development and courageous self-expansion. The only speed is lightning fast! We exponentially grow, we innovate always, and we wear our stripes proudly.

Laughs Per Hour

Work + Play = Work, Play, Awesomeness! No cubicles, boxes, frowns, no negative Nancie’s, sad Sam’s, or serious clowns. We celebrate the corner crack ups, high fives, secret handshakes, wacky just because, break out dance parties, joke of the day, and cookies for breakfast. Laughter makes everything better! We measure it in Laughs Per Hour and when we do it, we do it big!

Successful Work Team
Own it

We own the success of the entire organization every single day. We think detailed and zoom out to see the forest from the trees. We make decisions and own our outcomes. We speak our mind, drive performance everywhere, and always ensure values and alignment. We do our best every day; we work hard and play harder. We move fast and when we are on, we are on. It’s all in all the time. We are constantly challenging the status quo and push up against our limits. Faster, smarter, whatever it takes, we make the decisions, understand the vision, and push our group success forward wherever we can. Like the Navy Seals, we move, shoot, and communicate. We know our role and we own every part of it.